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San Sebastian Devotional Necklace
San Sebastian Devotional Necklace

San Sebastian Devotional Necklace

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Bring home a piece of San Sebastian Basilica and wear your devotion to San Sebastian (Saint Sebastian). This devotional pendant contains the image of San Sebastian from his painting inside the church and a piece of rust from the historic all-metal basilica. 

All proceeds will help support the Foundation so we can continue to restore the basilica and serve the community.

This product is produced exclusively by GAVDE for the Foundation.


Product Details

The pendant is made of zinc alloy with a glass dome cover that protects the religious image and the rust. The rust was recovered from the church during its ongoing restoration. The item comes with an adjustable chord with a maximum length of 13.5 inches (approximately).

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About San Sebastian

San Sebastian is the patron saint of soldiers, archers, and athletes. He is also the namesake of the all-metal San Sebastian Basilica in Quiapo, Manila. He is one of the 140 trompe l'oeil paintings inside the church.