Terms & Conditions


  • The San Sebastian Basilica Conservation and Development Foundation, Inc. (“Foundation”) owns and maintains the website and its official online shop, where products and services of the Foundation and Partner Vendors (“Vendors”) are available for purchase. 
  • Every product page indicates the Vendor(s) responsible for that particular item. The Vendors are responsible for the fulfilment of orders, which include the production, packaging, delivery coordination, and ship out of orders.
  • The Foundation does not entertain requests for the cancellation of paid orders.
      • Donation Cards (Printed and Digital):
        • Donation cards are exclusively available at the Foundation’s official shop. They are optional add-ons to Donation for Stained Glass Window Restoration.
        • Printed versions of the donation cards are available for pre-order and will be shipped to the Sponsor, whereas the digital donation cards will be emailed on a weekly schedule by the Vendor.
        • After the customer buys donation cards, the Foundation will coordinate via email to collect the names after whom the donation will be made. All names will be included in the official database of sponsors and added to our Virtual Sponsor Wall.
        • If you received a donation card, printed or virtual, but do not find your name on our Virtual Sponsor Wall, please contact the sender of the card to confirm your name was submitted to the Foundation by the due date, or check again for the next monthly update.
        • If no donor names are provided by the customer by the deadline specified in our communication, the customer will be identified as the Sponsor by default.
        • The Foundation and the Vendor are not responsible for the exclusion of names from the Virtual Sponsor Wall due to 1) the customer’s failure to follow instructions provided upon purchase and/or 2) the customer’s failure to settle the payment of their order.
      • 2022 Carmeli Collection:
        • The items are available on a pre-order basis from 19 May to 22 June 2022. The orders will be fulfilled by the respective Partner Vendors as indicated in the product pages.


      • The only available modes of payment are PayPal, major credit cards, and bank transfers to the Foundation’s BPI Account.
        • Para Sa Ina: Rust to Art Exhibit: Only BPI Account bank transfer will be accepted to either the Peso or Dollar Account of the Foundation. We will not accept other methods of payment for Para Sa Ina.
      • An order is considered final when payment is made through the online shop (Paypal or credit card payment) or via bank transfer to the Foundation’s BPI account. For bank transfers, the proof of payment must be emailed to the Foundation by the disclosed deadline and confirmed as received.
      • Orders left unpaid after the deadline of payment has elapsed are considered forfeited, regardless of the completion of an order form on the website. 
        • Para Sa Ina: Rust to Art Exhibit: If the art piece is unpaid after the reservation period of seven (7) calendar days, the reservation is revoked. The art piece will be available to others again.
      • For bank transfers, if an order is paid before the deadline but the proof of payment is not emailed before the said deadline has elapsed, the order is considered forfeited.
        • Para Sa Ina: Rust to Art Exhibit: The customer must email the proof of payment by the end of the Pre-Order Period (April 28, 2022). If the customer has paid but failed to send proof of payment, the customer has seven (7) banking days from the end of the Pre-Order Period to coordinate with the Foundation for a full refund, after which the amount will be considered a donation to the Foundation.


      • We only offer nationwide shipping in the Philippines. We do not offer international shipping.
      • The available modes of delivery vary depending on the Vendor and the items. Read Shipping Rates & Schedule Page for more details. Modes of delivery are also presented and chosen during check-out.
        • Para Sa Ina: Rust to Art Exhibit: Shipping will be scheduled in two (2) batches. Buyers must confirm that they will be ready to receive or pick up their orders before the artworks are packed and scheduled for shipping. Failure to do so within the deadline will ultimately result in the delay of the shipping.
      • The shipping fee is not included in the amount paid during the check-out on the online shop unless otherwise stated. The shipping fee is paid directly to the courier when the items arrive.
      • Last-minute changes to shipping schedules may change due to the availability of items, suppliers’ schedules, etc. Customers will be notified as soon as possible about these changes by the Vendor.
      • The Vendors are responsible for the fulfilment of orders, which includes packing, coordination for deliveries with customers and courier services, and actual ship out of orders. Vendors coordinate directly with customers through email and/or text message (SMS) to provide additional information and logistics, including updated delivery schedules, delivery fees, tracking information, and updates, as needed.
      • If a customer purchases items from multiple Vendors on the online shop, the customer will need to pay multiple delivery fees as the orders will be fulfilled by different Vendors and shipped from different addresses. Read Shipping Rates & Schedule Page for more details.
      • If a customer’s order arrives damaged, incomplete, or wrong, they must directly inform the Vendor who fulfilled their order via email within seven (7) banking days upon receiving, together with a soft copy of your receipt and valid government ID. The contact details of every Vendor is posted publicly in the Frequently Asked Questions.
      • The Foundation and the Vendors are not responsible for loss, destruction, or damage of the items, for any reason, which occur while the goods are in transit.


      • While the Foundation closely coordinates with our Partner Vendors to the best of our ability, the Foundation has no control over and does not guarantee or accept any responsibility for the quality, safety, or legality of items available on the online shop, nor the ability of sellers to sell items or of buyers to pay for the items.
      • If there is a dispute involving one or more users, including a dispute between a customer and a Partner Vendor, such users agree to resolve such dispute between themselves directly and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, release the Foundation from any and all claims, demands and damages arising out of or in connection with any such dispute. 
      • The Foundation reserves the right to change and update these Terms & Conditions, without prior notice.
      • Minor variations in each item are expected, especially for handmade items. For example, the actual color of the items may vary from what you see on the website due to different screen resolutions of gadgets.
      • Para Sa Ina: Rust to Art Exhibit:
        • The Foundation is not liable for damages resulting from improper use or mishandling of items. 
        • Items are handmade. Minor variations in each item are expected. The actual color of the items may also vary due to different screen resolutions of gadgets.
      • Clearance Sale:
        • Class B items, although not broken or damaged, are highly discounted due to discoloration over time, minimal staining, lower quality of printing from our suppliers, and the like. By choosing to purchase our Class B items, customers accept the quality of the items as disclosed and the sale is final, therefore not eligible for exchanges or refunds.