Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Can I still order during the holidays?

Yes, you can still place an order and pay for your item even over Christmas. Kindly note that sending out official receipts, replies to messages, and other regular processes will resume on January 3, 2022 when the office opens in the new year.

Why is no one replying to my messages or sending me the official receipt?
Can we change our orders or ask for a refund if we don't want the item/s anymore?
Does your price already include shipping?
Can I pay through credit card?
What's the difference between shipping date and delivery date?
I have questions about shipping rates, schedules, etc.
Can I buy from the Foundation office?
Do you have items on hand?
Who fulfills my orders, i.e. production, shipping, etc.?
My order didn't arrive in the best condition/I received the wrong items/my order is incomplete.
My item was lost or damaged during delivery. Can the Foundation or the Partner Vendor address this?