Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Can we change our orders or ask for a refund if we don't want the item/s anymore?

Please understand that we don't entertain cancellation of paid orders. No refunds shall be entertained on the basis of cancellation of paid orders for any reason.

Does your price already include shipping?
Do all donations come with a donation card?
Can I pay through credit card?
What's the difference between shipping date and delivery date?
What’s the difference between a printed donation card and a digital donation card?
I have questions about shipping rates, schedules, etc.
Can I buy from the Foundation office?
Who fulfills my orders, i.e. production, shipping, etc.?
My order didn't arrive in the best condition/I received the wrong items/my order is incomplete.
My item was lost or damaged during delivery. Can the Foundation or the Partner Vendor address this?
What does it mean if your items are for pre-order?
Are any of your items on hand?
What does it mean if a clearance item is marked as Class B?