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Estampita Set

Estampita Set

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Hold on to a piece of San Sebastian Basilica. Each estampita celebrates Nuestra Señora del Carmen de San Sebastian, the image that started the Carmelite devotion in the country.

All proceeds will help support the Foundation so we can continue to restore the basilica and serve the community. 

This product is produced exclusively by GAVDE for the Foundation.


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These lace-inspired prayer cards are produced on specialty boards and feature  historic images of Nuestra Señora del Carmen de San Sebastian.

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About Nuestra Señora del Carmen de San Sebastian

Nuestra Señora del Carmen de San Sebastián is the oldest Carmelite image in the Philippines. Brought here by Recollect friars in 1618, the popularity of her devotion was followed by the widespread use of brown scapulars across the country. She was enshrined in San Sebastian Basilica in Quiapo, where she still stands to this day.